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John Galen Newton
03-21-2018, 03:55 AM

The Journal of:

Newton, John Galen
Professor I, Senior Healer I

John Galen Newton
03-21-2018, 10:00 AM
\ entry #1: downhill \

I always remember what my former Professor told me back then. That I should not worry when life goes downhill. Things may go bad, that everything does not go into what is planned. What is important that there is something beyond that downward slope, and that it is up to me what lies ahead.

In addition, it is also important to think clearly of the present and take control of everything, like a bicycle on a hill. Once everything is stabilized, there is nothing but speed and the wind. And that speed? That is so needed, when the slope goes back to normal or even goes upward, that extra momentum is a helpful push. For when everything becomes difficult, you know you can achieve it, because you already did.

Talks of uphills and downhill is interesting. Downhill is the challenge that charges into your direction, and you can only face it. Uphill is different, it is the challenge that you yourself must exert effort to climb that hill. Therefore, in the hill of life, you take turns with challenges in overcoming each others' limitations.

The concluding statement was: "Life is a hill; climb it." Which reminded me of a different saying.

Now, I tried discussing all of those in my mind, but I feel like I have been circling. I feel like this felt like circles even on paper. But I do feel like my mind has been organized, which works for me. Maybe things like these help me process my thoughts more so I can express myself more.

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John Galen Newton
03-23-2018, 12:58 PM
\ entry #2: swivel chair \

With the help of what I could recall as high-powered mix of a telescope and a camera, Earthworld reasearchers that were based here (since not even them could safely get back to Earthworld) did a survey of how the abandoned forms of civilization looked like now. It was mostly pictures of ruins, which was not a surprise to everyone who went to the photo exhibit where the pictures were displayed. Although, I do tend to see a number of people getting emotional every time I visit there. (I get to visit multiple times due to my work privileges. In my opinion, the exhibit owners charge exorbitant fees for a room of photos).

I do not feel emotional, myself. I just like to look at the pictures and spend my breaks on that exhibit because the room does feel cozy and calming. However, there is this one photo that somehow stands out to me. It's the photo that I find myself looking at it and staying over its panel the longest. It was only a photo of a ruined building, reduced to the ground, just like any other photos beside it. But somehow, a lone swivel chair, seemingly caked with dust, still stands on its position.

Perhaps it was because of the caption, presumably done by whoever took the photo: "Even amidst the ruins, even if everything has disappeared, let this chair be a reminder that there was once a building in here. And in the same way, each and every single building back there in the Earthworld reminds us that the memories of our civilizations will always be there, wherever we are."

I cannot remember how long the photo exhibit will stay, but I do wish I have my own swivel chair.

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