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  1. Current Fanfiction Finished/In Progress

    So as the title says this is just a blog post about my fics that are already finished/in progress at the moment! I'll do another blog post about ones I'm still thinking on soon.

    Currently finished:
    Growing Bud - this one is actually already done but I for some reason forgot to post Ch. 13 the week before my camping trip lol. I'll post the next chapter sometime this week though, I promise! (and if I forget again feel free to yell at me for it)

    Friendship Beyond ...
  2. Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 2

    So pretty much this blog series is gonna be irregular, but I'll wait for someone else to post their blogs before I post mine soooo here's the next one!


    Japanese Vocaloids? Singing in Filipino?? And with sick instrumentals??? HECK YEAH

    Nakakapagpabagabag (pronounced as na-ka-KA-pag-pa-ba-GA-bag) (translated as worrisome) is about Filipinos' favorite impossible tongue twister of a word someone saving a lover and/or ...
  3. So what is up with...

    ..warm weather and weird looking bugs I've never ever seen before? I mean seriously! Every time the weather turns warm or really hot, I see what looks to be like a weird, disgusting, new bug?

    For example, earlier this morning it was nice and I was enjoying sitting on the porch before heading to work, when this ugly and creepy looking bug crawls on by. It looked like a cross between a stink bug and some kind of bumblebee, the nasty thing had a stinger; or what looked like one at least. ...
  4. Kingdom Hearts III Disney worlds (my opinions)

    So similar to my KH III FF character cameos post, I'll be posting what the worlds are confirmed so far and ones I want to (hopefully) appear.

    Toy Story
    Mount Olympus
    Twilight Town
    Yen Sid's Tower
    Old Mansion
    Big Hero 6
    Monsters INC.

    Ones I want to appear:
    Pride Lands
    Treasure Planet
    Brother Bear
    Indiana Jones
    Port Royal
  5. Chapter 3 is up yeah!

    So I finally got chapter 3 up and running. After two back to back action like chapters it's time to relax and chill at the best ramen noodles in town! I hope you guys enjoy the relaxing chapter and getting to know Prince Edward and another supporting character! This chapter is now ready for feedback! You can check it out at the feedback section here [click]
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