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  1. S H R I N E ✦ pt. ii

    hi <33 needed to write another blog post on two of my favorite cuties from yowapeda: glory line, so spoilers AHHHH! this is an incredible, incredible anime so i really suggest everyone to watch it as soon as they can! anyway, this specific blog post is dedicated to two particular characters and ways i find they complicate notions of masculinity and the body, especially in the athletic domain. lots of attention to the pathway of love and shame in this one, too!

    beginning with our ...
  2. S H R I N E ✦ pt. i

    HI you all! <33 this might feel a bit outta left field for me, but i've been inspired to develop a blog here dedicated to the lessons anime teaches us about love, shame, sexuality and forbidden knowledge! we can't spell shrine without sin, and i really find moments of immense veneration are often tied to extreme challenge. to our thought patterns, beliefs, and ways of knowing and navigating the world. thus, loving contradictions are at the core of my world! anyway, moving on...

  3. TBD titles and/or plots + chapters (fanfiction) 1

    So like stated in my last blog post about my finished/in progress fanfic, here is part 1 of all the ideas I'm going to be brainstorming.

    Centaur Cloud x Zack; fantasy + romance

    Elf Cloud x Squall; fantasy + romance

    Feol Viera Cloud x Squall; fantasy + romance; set in FFVIII's world and focus + plot with obvious changes to add in some FFVII and XII lore (this idea came about after seeing some fanart of Cloud as a Viera)

    Elf Aerith x Zack; ...
  4. Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 3

    Here's another update to this music blog that has somehow managed to not include a koreeb song! Yay! LMAO

    And this time there are TWO songs! You'll know why!

    Episode 1 (Donatello) is one example of my preference in Classical x EDM music, but in the following examples, these are actual classical pieces!

    1. Hellfire by Memme


    This song is based on Vivaldi's Summer from The Four Seasons. ...
  5. Chapter 4 is up!

    It took me some time to post up chapter 4 mostly because I had to rewrite this shit 3 times in a row and it was a pain in the ass! Thank goodness my recent dream has given me an idea for this chapter so I was finally able to finish it! Everyone I would like you to meet my favorite character besides Jayden named Jamie. He plays a huge role in the story and I love his personality and I sure hope you do as well! You can now post your feedback in the feedback section located here [click]
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