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  1. Characters I want to see in Smash Bros. Ultimate (opinion)

    So after the Smash Direct on the 8th of this month revealing new characters which I am excited for (except for Dark Samus but it's whatever), but especially excited for Simon, Richter, and Chrom! But it got me thinking of what other characters they could add, so I decided to put in a list of who I want to see get in. (please note that I know they probably don't have a chance anyway and if they do show a new character again in the future it'll most likely be one or two more, this is just my wishlist) ...
  2. Rinoa Heartilly finally in Dissidia!

    So just recently Rinoa Heartilly is confirmed to be DLC for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT! I am so happy and excited right now, I've always wanted her in ever since they announced Duodecim at the time and of course NT, at first I thought she'd never make it in (cause sadly FFVIII doesn't get enough love unless it's Squall and Laguna) BUT she made it! New main incoming!


    She and Angelo look so awesome in this! Finally ...
  3. Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 4


    Anyways, this next song is Stop The Rain by DAY6. They're a Korean rock band, but they started to release J-Rock stuff too. This is their second Japanese release! (Check out their first one, If ~Mata Aetara~, if you're interested )

    I chose this song because its song structure is different from the usual pop songs. I've seen a post detailing the parts, but I dunno where it is and I don't know much music stuff, so I guess you'll have to listen, ...
  4. Fire Emblem Three Houses (Switch)

    So let me just say I am really excited for the new FE switch game! Everything looks so cool/awesome in the trailer, and that song! I need to find it!

    For those that haven't seen it yet here it is:

    Looks great right?

    I love how when they show them moving the units on the map it reminds me of PoR and RD, I think maybe this game is going for a full blend of old and new which is fine by me.

  5. Blog 2: My Inspiration and Dedication (A Freedom I Strive For)

    Hi again and welcome to my second blog for otaku plaza.
    This blog will focus on what I do for hobbies/fun and who I do that for, after myself of course!

    I usually do photoshop art in my spare time and writing. The first would not be possible, if it wasn't taught by my brother and mentor at the time.

    I just love the idea of manipulation with imagery and effects etc.
    It's such a great feeling to twist something into your own purest form.

    Writing ...
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