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  1. Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 1

    Hi, so I'll try to make some blog posts on the different songs that I like and are not from my koreeb stash (hopefully). Mostly, I like classical and electronica, which stemmed from an arcade game called Pump It Up (its like DDR but with diagonal arrows and better songs). But if it's a bop, then it's a bop!

    Anyways, here's one!


    Donatello by Triplestar is classified as Classical House. Or that's what the game ...
  2. Kingdom Hearts III Final Fantasy character cameos (my opinions)

    So with Kingdom Hearts III it's pretty much a no brainer that FF characters will make cameos in this installment as well. I'm going to make a list of ones that'll likely appear again and ones I want to see in the game. (I'm gonna make another blog post like this but with Disney worlds)

    Okay, so ones that'll likely appear again:
    Squall Leonhart
    Cloud Strife
    Yuffie Kisaragi
    Cid Highwind
    Aerith Gainsborough

    Possibly might ...
  3. What the hell just happened?

    So today at work was normal other than me fucking up woth the microwave... we shall not talk about that. so I went to go get lunch at Burger King which is about 2 minutes away. I get stuck at a light for 7 minutes and right when I drove down the street to turn at my job a cop drove by with their lights going off. Than I saw firefighters and a big cloud as if there was an explosion all over the place.

    So I rushed into my building and it turns out the power was out so I’m just like ...

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    The life of Nyarth
  4. Prompt ideas 2

    So my friend and my brother gave me some more prompt ideas to try and play around with when I get the chance. Of course, for those that want to give an idea (as long as it isn't too explicit) or comment about a prompt feel free to here or VM/PM. Whichever is fine with me

    1. character A is a mermaid/merman that meets character B who is human.
    2. centaur AU
    3. other monster girl/boy ideas. with character A falling in love with character B that is human, character A learns ...
  5. Chapter 2 is done at last!

    This was such a struggle and I'm so glad that I got it done! I went ahead and made my first feedback blog the main feedback section. You can post your feedback for chapter 2 there. I was reminded of how much I've enjoyed Oliver. He was always known to be the serious type with a laid-back personality. His goofy side tends to throw everyone off the radar when he gets serious but this time he was in something he wasn't comfortable with so him screaming and running around like a wuss was beautiful! ...
    My story feedback
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