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  1. and graduation too <333 i'm sure she appreciates you so much! ALSO SORRY THIS TOOK ten million years omg

    WOW i'm so behind on my ice coffee game! i haven't gotten one for a few weeks! TODAY, perhaps today will be the day hehe, and to experiment with all the different flavors too ! and oh wow... yeah, it was so hot over here for a few days! but now it's rainy and thunderstorming and kinda cold! it's really mystical weather - after about a full year i've finally learned that you get all four seasons in the same week here on the east coast lmao... i have so much respect for you folks for being able to handle this always!! i'm such a desert baby... yikes! and heh, that would be such a good film! you'd be like the main actress in kill bill!! SUPER calm and collected, shrugging off all the bad things, being BADASS, winning all the points and striving towards victory!! (i just watched the second volume for the first time ever LOL) see any good movies lately?

    EBAIL I PASSED STATS!! with a B+!! God really does work in His mysterious ways! C'= yes yes yes, thank you so much for asking!! everything is finally finished, and i picked up a few more shifts for work which is nice! now my summer classes start on monday WHEW! i'm so excited to get it all through with very soon! i hope you've had some really good naps!! how's life going?
  2. Hey there's no need to apologize for that, I know you're a busy person so yeah always take all the time you need to answer. Especially with what tomorrow is.

    Normally I like to get caramel in mine cause I like that some sweetness in my iced coffees, but sometimes I'll also get mocha in there. Yeah like now how the next few days its gonna feel like the middle of summer. It definitely plays a big toll on the body. But yeah it keeps changing so often it is for sure like being in a game. I could get behind an end of the world movie because I would probably be calm and shrug it off figuring everything would work out in the end.

    And how did you do on the rest of your work? All went well huh? Nope I just know when I go to sleep and when I wake up. No tracking for me. You're right it always boggles my mind how sometimes I can nap for 2 hours and it feels like no time passed, or sometimes can sleep for 15 minutes and it'll feel like its been hours. It's just definitely crazy thinking about sleep in general.
  3. I'M SO SO SORRY i took so long to reply to this!!! ;;;; sometimes have such a bad habit of taking two forever's and a half

    tbh, i'm actually pretty basic!! ;; usually just the vanilla flavor, but really need to expand my horizons tbh! idk what i'm doing without trying all the flavors... especially when they have them in those big, crystal decorated cups with the green sparkles :SPARKLE: they got the aesthetic down perfectly! ;;;; what are the best flavors to get O: I gotta learn from the PRO! and oh man, what's happening to this coast (and the world tbh) with the weather... it kinda messes up my body when it's something different every day, but it's also a cool quirk! I feel like I'm in a fantasy game! roll to decide the weather that day LOOOL also the app is a great idea, and also your life for the end of the world movie would be so so cool ;; just imagine like... the contrast between cool and calm stability and then everyone else flaring up into complete panic! in some ways, none of us are ever going anywhere, and we're kinda foolish to think otherwise... HMMM.... IT WOULD BE SUCH A NEAT MOVIE AND I WOULD SEE IT IN IMAX TBH O:

    I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!! ;; I have my stats final today, and then a presentation and a few more papers to the tail end of next week! thank you thank you thank you, i do appreciate the faith and the wishes!! and the body is so funny... do you have one of those sleep trackers on your phone? O: that measures your sleep, how restful it was, the exact hours... it's interesting thinking about a really good deep sleep that was supposedly not actually that deep lmao, and how we can just sleep through some days without feeling like time has gone by at all! kinda cool we (supposedly) spend about 1/3 of our lives in this other state ;;;;; and i gotcha! it sounds calming!
  4. Now what do you get in your iced lattes? And oh yeah Friday and Saturday were very warm while today I got poured on and it was thundering and lightning haha. And yeah going out in the warm and seeing new people is always great when they're friendly. I live close to one, and go by two more on my way to work I mainly use the app for when I think waiting for my drink would make me late otherwise. Not to mention anime has shown me the meteors can act as a trigger to summon a deeper power to survive but yes being crushed by them would be a pleasing end for sure course I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon regardless.

    Hey there's no need to thank me, take that energy and turn it into focus. I mean not that there's a need with how much faith in you but ye. Yeah, I mean today is my ideal kind of weather but you're right after the warmth it's a tease to get after. Yeah sleep is a funny thing, I've learned when the body wants sleep its better to listen otherwise it'll punish you for not giving it haha. Good to hear that you'd gotten a good deal of rest though, and then that you got to have a good deal of fun today. It's looking standard. I have nothing special planned, just the standard work and laying back other times.
  5. hahaha hey, a couple of days after I sent you that I ended up going for a large iced latte there! FORGOT HOW GOOD THEY WERE. I finished it way too quickly! and OH WOW - was it also super hot over there yesterday?! we hit up to the 80's here and I was so shook! people were drinking iced drinks and walking about and I was like, WHOA, I've never seen these people before in my life! it was so lovely!! and I'm glad you got yours, especially on the app - if I didn't live so close to like three I would definitely check that out too mwhahaha!! meteor's I wouldn't mind as much... it would feel kinda epic! something from space, grounding all my particles into space dust... becoming one with the universe again, I wouldn't mind it! a two-ton hunk of metal though... ripf not ideal oof!

    AWWWWWH THANK YOU EBAIL!! I smiled a lot! ;;;; oh wow! okay, yeah, we had that kinda weather here and a LOT of rain, too! I'm glad I didn't go outside my apartment much today or else I might have been actually really sad with the sudden shift hahaha! and that's so good! C= the body really takes what it needs? huh? I slept in a lot today too! which is surprising cause I think Friday I slept at least 10 hours?! didn't even get really moving until about 10 am! but today was mostly filled with work, and in the middle, a really cute tower siege with some guildies and game exploration keke! always good to see everyone moving about and enjoying themselves! ;; how's your week looking?
  6. I definitely went today with this weather. That place had like 30 something people inside and at least 9 cars at the drivethru at 10am. Glad I'd ordered on the app. But yeah hot coffee is good too, but yeah when you're in the mood for an iced coffee you just can't shake it off with a hot haha. Can always try making your own iced at home though. That's right I'm not being stopped by being hit by a car. A meteor? Maybe, but definitely not being hit by a car.

    Knowing you you won't even climb those mountains you'll just punch them down, that's how confident I am in you. Today and yesterday were warm for sure but back to the 50s tomorrow which I'm okay with. My Sunday is looking typical mostly. Might get some extra sleep in cause Thursday night I got a really good nights sleep and now I'm hungry for more of that. Your Sunday?
  7. the iceeed coffee break! YES YES YES, praise Dunkin ;; ! I haven't been for a bit and idk what I'm doing! I've been trying to just make my normal hot coffee over ice and it's not the same, not the same at all lmao ; and lol at it being like Frogger ;;;; I'm glad we're both still here! US VERSUS THE TWO TON MACHINES AND WE'RE MAKING IT OUT ALRIGHT HEHE

    thanks so much! whew, it's really speeding by! I think the first week of May I'll be done, but it feels like a trek up a couple of mountains from this point to there. I'm up for the challenge! Ha, is it getting any warmer over there? I definitely think that makes me feel in general just more open to explorations and new things! ;; and ahh, gotcha! how's your weekend looking!
  8. Yeah I hear you there for sure. It's like when I take my walk to get a coffee at work and I'm waiting to cross the road. As I wait everyone seems to be driving so slowly not giving me a chance and then when I finally can cross everyone seems to be speeding up with no signs of slowing any. It's almost like being in a game of Frogger. I'm sure you'll be safe though, and me well I'm still here now.

    You'll do well, I'm sure of it. How much longer until you're done with the semester now? I'm still unsure as to what could be making me have that feeling myself, but perhaps its just my desire to begin caring a little less. At least in my own case.
  9. that's so wild ;; i'm so sorry that's happened!! i also totally feel that though - I used to run outside everyday, and although I just work out at the gym now because the concrete isn't so great for the knees, I saw all sortsa cars that would just keep going even when the pedestrian walk sign is on and all... i've counted on my fingers the number of times i've been nearly run over and i'm like "welp God's not playing with me the next time" LOOOL WE GOTTA STAY SAFE

    THANK YOUUUUU!! AHHHHH! I'm excited! the end, of at least this semester, is in sight! I'm so proud of myself lmfao, i haven't taken a stats-based course since like freshman year of college oops... and even then, it was like, charting out the directions of orbits and stuff around the sun LOL. i'm so glad!! what do you think helped re-center you? I think so too - maybe it's because spring is here?! I'm not sure! I'm so happy to see the feeling spread, though!
  10. It beats me. I'm not shaken up by it or anything because this is like the 8th or so time I've almost been hit by a car while walking at work. Whether when taking a walk or walking in the parking lot. After a while you kinda just get use to it and learn when it's close and when you've gotta be ready to move.

    Darn right you'll get everything done! (I only took stats in high school to sleep in it tbh so uhhh 77 does sound good for college stats!) Hm, you might be right about that sense of transition. For example any of the stress or anger or whatnot I've had built up just sorta dissipated itself. It was almost as if I'd cracked and lost it, but in this sense it was a good way as it all went away without the need to expel any. Most people I see lately too seem like they're in higher spirits as well. It's like everyone just a bit of a mood boost or something. Regardless good to hear you've been excited being able to talk to a lot of important people to you.
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