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  1. Yes that was me. I go by a lot of names here and there. Mainly because I forum a lot, well used to back in my youth.
    I am kind of oldish now. Being 30 and all that.

    We had a good talk, we should do it again sometime.
  2. Glad you are enjoying your time here so far! I am, yes. ^^ I try to make the forums enjoyable and to ensure everyone has something to suit their taste. I'm glad I could tempt you with the themes! Means a lot.

    I believe I messaged you on Discord?
  3. Thanks! It's good to be here! I heard you were the one responsible for the site themes?
    You did an excellent job I must say! (one of the reasons I was so intrigued to sign up).
  4. Welcome to the forums! It is a pleasure to have you aboard!
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