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  1. I'm almost finished with season 2 and after sticking through with it this time, I kind of like it now though I don't think it'll top One Piece, Black Clover, and Beyblade Burst on my favorite shounen list. I'm thinking of getting the game on launch mainly cause I need a fighting game to hold me over until Smash Ultimate lol. Tokyo Ghoul is a series I like, love the character designs so much, I actually got a Ken Kaneki shirt from Hot Topic a couple months ago and wear it quite often. I couldn't really get into Yowamushi Pedal though, I've liked Haikyu, Free, Kuroko's Basketball, Yuri on Ice, Speed Racer, and Prince of Tennis more when it comes to sports anime though.

    I've just finished Bungo Stray Dogs though for anime I've been watching, can't wait until season 3!
  2. ​I just finished up season 3 last night since the final episode of dubbed came out. I haven't looked into the game too much, but I do plan on getting a Switch again so if I do I will definitely be picking it up! I also started watching Tokyo Ghoul and it is pretty great! A lot of blood, but it's pretty good. Quite different from MHA, but I like the style. I'm about halfway through season 2 right now. I couldn't find Yowamushi Pedal, though... I use uhhh use Funimation.
  3. Do you still like MHA? (I remember you theming Shoto once) I've been giving it a second chance and noticed that a game from the series is coming out on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC this month; might pick it up on the Switch when it comes out, are you gonna get it?
  4. That's good to hear. I've been in between jobs and trying to figure things out. We're trying to get the forums moving once again sometime soon as well.

  5. I've been doing great! Yourself?
  6. Hey, how have you been Karina? ^^
  7. None of that is done yet, I'm aware of the welcoming link. I'll fix that.
  8. Really liking the background and header for it! Though there are a lot of broken images, both for the online/offline dot and the icons for the forum sections/subsections. (this is also an issue on the other themes now at least for the Introduction section icon)
  9. New theme in the works. "Simple" Let me know your thoughts. ^^
  10. It's an okay city to live in, the real perks are the Zoo, beach, and SeaWorld imo. I'd rather live in a smaller town though.
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