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  1. Oh donuts are good too! Hope your day was fun and relaxing today
  2. Hey it's all good, we have different avatars over here so it is different!

    Thank ya for that over here too! No cake this year since I opted to get some donuts instead but it's all good.
  3. I know I already said this over on Bulbagarden but I gotta spread birthday wishes!

    Happy birthday (again)! Wishing you a great birthday, hopefully you'll have some cake!
  4. Metal can work I'm sure. I mean if I'm on the sofa with headphones in I'll feel my head doze at times/fall asleep for like 10 minutes before I realize since I'm still sitting up. But heck yeah meditation sounds like a great idea. I could easily see how that'd help anyone fall asleep with how relaxing it seems to be.
  5. All kinds of music help me sleep, one time I even fell asleep to metal, not sure how but I did lol. Though I might try meditation and see how that works for me getting to sleep since I've been recommended on trying that.
  6. Ha for the record I use to do the same thing with music. Back when we had the Weatherscan channel the music on there was so generic and relaxing it'd always help me fall asleep.
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