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  1. Seems like it's been busy over there on your end! And that's pretty cool, becoming a teacher was a long time dream of yours? Moving into new houses is fun and exciting, but also nerve-racking at least for me, I'm usually worried that there could be something about the house I miss like very minor details to major ones that, I know won't have/cause problems beforehand, but still gets on mind at times lol. Then sometimes I worry about neighbors. Is it a one story or two story? The current one my brother and I are living in is a one story, makes it easier for dusting lol.

    Been pretty good over here, kind of busy but nothing too major. Starting next Thursday I'll be getting a break from work, won't go back till January so I'm excited for that. Was told it was an early Christmas gift in a way so I'm very thankful for that! Also thinking sometime in January I'll be looking into community colleges so that's also exciting. Otherwise currently been playing Smash Ultimate often.
  2. YUP AHAHA... i was low key like, "WAIT A MIN, did Ghost change my password too??" it was very foolish hehehe!! i'm happy i'm not the only one! 8DD

    i am GOOD! <3 i'm starting my Teacher training! thinking of high school lit C= and currently just in conversations with some advisers and contractors. And the house should be all moved up in the next month or so. Super exciting and crazy time!!

    how are YOUUU m'dear?? Do you get a holiday break from work soon?
  3. Oh geeze, that happened to me before on another forum where I changed my username as well and tried to log in with my old one and for some reason I thought my account got jacked or something lol.

    I've been great though, how about you?
  4. AHAHA! you know i actually got so confused by this too, because i kept trying to log in under "Smiles" and OP was like "YOU ARE NO LONGER HER. YOU ARE NO LONGER ANYBODY!!" But Ghostie (the real one!!) reset me and now we're ready to BOOGIE!!

    how have you been??
  5. I keep getting you and Ghost mixed up now cause of your usernames lol. Is this the work of an enemy Stand perhaps?
  6. I love this arc's OP and ED so much, then again JoJo OP's and ED's are always good imo lol. I also like how they went with the pink for Giorno's outfit, usually don't see him in it for official stuff much. Also can't wait to see Fugo's stand animated, it's my second fav stand in part 5.
  7. YESSSSS!!! i'm so hyped by all of this! also i'm really DEAD by the ending scene and credits... the animation is already so amazing! the COLORS! the pose with Gold Experience and Giorno!! AHHHH!
  8. Best JoJo and arc (imo of course) finally gets it's time to shine! Can't wait to see Guido, Leone, Narancia, Fugo, and Trish animated. Seeing Diavolo/Doppio and La Squadra di Esecuzione in the anime is going to be so cool too!
  10. OOOH OOOOOH OOOOOOH lovely!! you got awesome plans!! ;; i was watching my brother do a replay of final fantasy ix when i was visiting his apartment and geez... i forgot for a second how fun it is to switch things up LOL and how it completely changes the flow of fights sometimes! i bet you will eventually get the BEST teams and rotations that you could have ever imagined!!

    thanks so much for the recommendation!! i have my heart set on Monster Hunter when i FINALLY get around to getting it lol but... i want to play this one too!! I JUST NEED TO KICK MY BUTT INTO GEAR OOF
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