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  1. yo i'm so so so sorry to hear that, from the bottom of my heart ): loss is incredibly difficult and huge to deal with! i completely understand and respect your decision to get away, and hope that everything's carrying on as well as it can! how has your fam been in this time?
  2. Damn. I had to leave because I don't deal with death well. Also happened the day after i started uni. so yeah. Funeral planning and uni assignments have been my life for the past month
  3. same chilling same chilling!! we adopted a dog my dude ;;;;;

    HOW ARE YOUUUU!! how's life goin?
  4. Hi. what's up?
  5. HI APERSOOOOO <3 <3 <3 much love!!
  6. thanks so much!! AHHH! I'm so excited ;; thank you for being awesome and wanting to play in this crazy world, it really means so much!
  7. I'll definitely take a look at the the threas once it's up (no need to rush ). i'll write both up and flip a coin.
  8. awwwwwh!! DEFINITELY A NET WIN 8D I've been stuck on pearl jam's "even flow" for a hot minute and honestly I think Pearl Jam and Elsa balance out quite nicely! Go us!!

    Ohhh gotcha! Ugh I totally feel you with the slow references; and you email them for reminders and they keep missing ya and you're like oof! and it's not your fault at all! I'm happy it's all submitted and I bet they're having a wonderful time reviewing your stuff and preparing a spot for you <33

    YESSS I hope you love it!! I'm writing up another RPing guide to post to the RP section shortly; and hopefully that helps! RPing is SO much fun once you get into it, and honestly it'll become like second nature before you know it! It just makes me so happy that you want to sign up!! ;;
  9. Haha. I read "let it overflowww" missed the over and sung Let it flowww. which seems like a very bad re-enactment of let it go. It's got taylor swift out of my head xD. So net win?

    I don't have a clue when I shoudl hear back, I missed the deadline by a week due to slow references, so they don't even have to look at it. Though most of the places still check applications up until 2 weeks after I submitted.

    I've never actually RP'd so jumping in with both would be like passing your test in a Cessna and trying to fly a Boeing 747.
  10. awwwwh ;; i am so here for youuuu, let it overflowww; and you're also like, 'tear ducts why you work NOW, is there any way i can program you to stop for a little bit, grrr' grieving is weird and natural and so important

    AHH! when do you think you'll start hearing back by? this is such an exciting time and process!

    YAAAAAAAAAAY i'm so happy!! why not both?! ;;
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