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  1. HI YOU!! <3 how are you?? are you in Korea?! O:
  2. Hiya <3
  3. hiya there!! ^^ did you finally make it to Korea?
  4. YAY! I'm super hyped for you too!! and heh, yeah the drinking culture is amazing I've heard, especially in the city! But there will be so many fun things to do that it's going to be a blast anyway! 8DD

    lovely! honestly, my dog died last Sunday, so the week leading up to here has been sad and reflective in private parts, but the more days go on, the more I feel really grateful for his whole presence and understanding that it was definitely the right time. Plus, the sunshine's starting to come out a lot more in these parts (besides the potential snowstorm on monday oops!) But been grabbing meals and coffee with friends over spring break, so that's definitely a highlight! this place has a great food scene! Lots to look forward to as summer draws near too!
  5. Thank you! I wasn't too excited in the beginning but I CANNOT wait! I think what I'm most excited about is probably Seoul! I'm not 21, so no drinking for me, but I heard Seoul is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so I can't wait for that.

    How have you been??
  6. AHHH that's so exciting!! how are you feeling about it? whatcha most excited for currently? it'll be here before you know it! also yay!! you're going to be close to the city but not toooo close, so you'll at least have more calm on the daily I think!
  7. I'm getting stationed there and I just bought my tickets today!! I get there the 11th of next month ^^ I'll be about an hour south of Seoul!
  8. when do you get to go to Korea?! and which parts?
  9. thank YOU Politoed! I really appreciate you! ;; <33
  10. Oh alrighty! Look forward to it!! Thank you, Smiles <3
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