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  1. Eh their voice actors are okay, I'm more neutral to them. But yeah Corrin is an interesting concept for lords since he's the first manakete lord. Technically Roy can count but you can choose who to marry Eliwood to in the Blazing Blade, and Binding Blade gives no hint to who his canon mother is anyway.
  2. Maybe that's it and FE Warriors gave most of Birthright's character horrible voice actors. I might end up playing Conquest despite needing the grinding. I'm still new to the FE series. Awakening was my first game while Warriors is my 2nd. I love the idea for the main characters Corrin in Fates. It seems so interesting!
  3. The thing with Birthright's characters is that they fall under the case in that they supposedly are doing no wrong. They legit rag on Conquest's characters every chance they get, and only towards the end do they really take a more neutral stance on them. I do like a few characters in Birthright's route, but some come off as high and mighty (though Subaki, has a legit reason why he's that way, sadly some supports kind of muddle that ;;). Conquest is generally praised as having the better characters design wise, personality wise it's debatable depending on where you go. (unless it's Peri, then she always gets hate, even though I low key kind of like her)
  4. That's why I'm in kind of a debate about it. I've became slightly interested when I played FE Warriors. The only thing about Birthright is I'm not a huge fan of most of the characters in it compared to Conquest. That's the sad part sadly and it makes me want to cry. Also I think I've seen something about one of my favorite characters from it die in Birthright. I got even more teary.
  5. FE Fates is pretty fun despite all the hate it gets. I have quite a few favorites from it, and male Corrin is def one of them! Though I like female Corrin too. If you ever get the chance to play it, then save Revelation for last (if you want) since it'll have spoilers for the actual story/path. Birthright has grinding and is more like Awakening, whereas Conquest doesn't (unless you get the DLC) and it plays similar to the older games.

    Also Niles x Male!Corrin represent!
  6. YES all the hugs and your previous icon reminded me how adorable the male version is. I loved both male and female designs of FE Fates. I've just never played it.
  7. Hey thanks! I'd like to learn more about you as well!
  8. I love you Tactician <3 let's continue to learn more about each other okay?
  9. Thank you! Gonna read some tonight
  10. I sent you a PM!

    Edit: NVM didn't work lmfao and I sent it to myself [click]
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