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  1. Grindcore can be a bit ordinary, depending on the band at hand. I like Brutal Truth and Pig Destroyer for grindcore.
    Though king parrot from Australia is quite nice.

    Black metal I am picky as well. I mostly listen to the traditional bands and some experimental ones.

    Like Darkthrone and Sardonic Wrath. SUCH a great album!
  2. I am EXTREMELY picky with my black metal. I like progressive black metal bands like Amiensus and Book of Black Earth along with a few others (Dimmu Borgir, Furia, ect)
    Core on the other hand, I love it all except grindcore.
  3. I see. The music video is interesting from the preview.
    I also like 'core' stuff and black metal.

    I am kind of an on and off black metal purist tbh.
  4. All are great bands. Morphogenesis by Scar Symmetry is one of my favorite songs!

    These guys aren't melodeath, but I've been listening to this song a lot lately.
  5. Scar Symmetry, Insomnium, Heaven Shall Burn, Soilwork. etc.
  6. What are your favorite Melodeath bands? Mine are Mechina, Sonic Syndicate, The Unguided and Children of Bodom.
  7. Melodeath is one of my fav genres too. Especially the Swede variety, or Scandinavia in general.
    I must have been lucky? ^^
  8. No problem! You sent it at a good time.

    And to answer your question, I mostly listen to metal, rock and electronic. Been digging Melodeath and Prog lately
  9. No problem! Thanks for accepting so fast!
    Hope you are having a fab day!
  10. Thank you for the friend request ^^
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