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  1. None of that is done yet, I'm aware of the welcoming link. I'll fix that.
  2. Really liking the background and header for it! Though there are a lot of broken images, both for the online/offline dot and the icons for the forum sections/subsections. (this is also an issue on the other themes now at least for the Introduction section icon)
  3. New theme in the works. "Simple" Let me know your thoughts. ^^
  4. It's an okay city to live in, the real perks are the Zoo, beach, and SeaWorld imo. I'd rather live in a smaller town though.
  5. ​It is pretty small. I bet it is nice where you live. The only time I have been there was when I shipped out on a place at the Air port to go to Army boot camp.
  6. Huh, never heard of it. But after looking it up it looks like a nice, cute town to live in.
  7. Yep, I live in Yucaipa, California. It's a decent little town.
  8. Ah so you're in Southern California as well.
  9. I was. I was actually thinking does she not like me? Just kidding. You don't live too far away. ^^
  10. I forgot to reply to that one PM you sent me and accidentally deleted it, oops! I live in San Diego if you're still wondering
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