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  1. Thank you! Haha It was my first day of college as well. The forums will remain online until a decision is made which will take months or we will wait for hosting to come up again.
  2. Forgot to add this in the PM, but Happy Birthday Ghost!
  3. I think a Smash theme, while cool, would be kind of overwhelming in a way. Especially with all the characters in and trying to find an image where it's all of them together at higher quality can be difficult to find (as I've found out when trying to make a sig of Ultimate's roster from official art..). As for themes I use the most, out of all it's LoZ BotW, Plaza Sunset, and Final Fantasy that see most of their days as my themes; though I always switch it up so each gets love from me lol.

    The avatar I'm using is official Persona artwork chibified (Joker if you're wondering who he is), I simply usually do transparency/cropping and depending on the image I'll add in a custom background (though that takes a bit longer). As for the sig, this one was already made but I made it easier to see as the original was grainy. Usually I'll save a vid of a character I want as a gif sig and make one from there, still image sigs are simply cropped > change file size to fit a forum > occasionally add in custom filter/heighten the resolution. Gif sigs go through a similar process once I crop from a video or other gif files. It's nothing fancy like making a skin though, my knowledge of similar things is limited to this lol.
  4. It just depends. lol Sometimes I stare at my screen for a good while or just try to find an image and work around it. I was thinking of doing a Smash theme, but I don't really know if I want to bother with it. I'm glad I could give you options to switch it up. Which themes do you use most? Do you make the art and did you animate the sig's/avi's?
  5. I'll bet! I can't imagine how hard it must be though, the most I do is make avatars/sigs occasionally lol. But I do really like all the skins you make, which is why I pretty much always change it up!

    Edit so I'm not spamming you lol: thanks! I actually almost forgot I was back today until I saw the red username lol.
  6. ​Welcome back to the team!
  7. Thanks, I'm glad you like it! It took me a while. Custom forum new/old, Sub-Forum icons and collapsible icons.
  8. That is a very cute forum skin! Definitely will be using it soon when Christmas rolls around
  9. Those are great series, though I've been taking a bit of a break from them as well. Mainly for irl stuff and work and been watching other series I've been meaning to get around to. Currently been watching Zombie Land Saga and finished Servamp last month.

    And it's all good, gotta do what you gotta do to help forum maintenance. I was creating new icons and sigs during down time anyway lol. Also I just got Smash Ultimate so today was going to be a small internet time until I go back to the game. Still hyped that Joker from P5 is gonna be DLC as well!
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