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  1. BIG MUCH hugs and love!! ;;

  2. Oh? Am I now?

    But seriously tho, thanks!
  3. Omg! Thank you so much!! ;; You were a big and wonderful part of who we are now!


    when the psychic control is fierce and strong but you know you are loved anyway AND CANNOT ESCAPE

  4. Thanks, you and the rest of staff as well, are awesome.

    And of course you love my threads! I mean it's not like I was controlling people to post in them or anything, haha nope! JK! or am I?
  5. I can completely appreciate and understand that! thanks so much for being honest and for doing all that you did when you did! You're really awesome ;; AND I LOVE your threads so much, always!
  6. Thank you, it was fun honestly, but I felt that the Admin status given to me was a little overwhelming to me in a way. I'll still make threads at least lol ^^/
  7. No need to apologize at all!! Thanks so much for all that you've done and continue to do ;;
  8. I would like to extend my apologies for my stubbornness during our discussion of the boards. So I hope the conversation didn't cause a rift.
  9. gotcha! ahhhhhh!! hope you feel better and better asap <333

    btw, everyone playing Tekken is obsessed with Noctis LMAO he got released on the same day for everyone, and my brother was one of those people who bought him and was having a really fun time with him! it's special too cause no one knows how to play him right now, so everyone's fumbling around together with his sword xD
  10. Thanks! It's most likely allergies, but it feels more like a head cold, not too bad at least though.
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