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    The way they introduced Leone and Moody Blues is great
  2. Well for the part 5 manga there is a better translation of it up and it's all in color, if you still want to read it:

    But yeah part 5 is my fave cause the characters in VA are pretty great imo, especially Giorno (with his parentage and awesome Stand) and Bruno (especially since his Stand reminds me of Yukari Yakumo's powers).
  3. I'M SO PUMPED AHHHHH!!! can barely believe it!

    can't decide now if i wanna binge all the manga or now patiently wait until October to go episode by episode...
  4. WAIT!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!? I knew the logo was picked up, but not this! :O
    Edit: Just saw the articles for it, SO HYPE! Can't wait to see my favorite JoJo in action <3

  6. BIG MUCH hugs and love!! ;;

  7. Oh? Am I now?

    But seriously tho, thanks!
  8. Omg! Thank you so much!! ;; You were a big and wonderful part of who we are now!


    when the psychic control is fierce and strong but you know you are loved anyway AND CANNOT ESCAPE

  9. Thanks, you and the rest of staff as well, are awesome.

    And of course you love my threads! I mean it's not like I was controlling people to post in them or anything, haha nope! JK! or am I?
  10. I can completely appreciate and understand that! thanks so much for being honest and for doing all that you did when you did! You're really awesome ;; AND I LOVE your threads so much, always!
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