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Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 1

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Hi, so I'll try to make some blog posts on the different songs that I like and are not from my koreeb stash (hopefully). Mostly, I like classical and electronica, which stemmed from an arcade game called Pump It Up (its like DDR but with diagonal arrows and better songs). But if it's a bop, then it's a bop!

Anyways, here's one!


Donatello by Triplestar is classified as Classical House. Or that's what the game Neon FM tells me. (BTW that game has lots of EDM jams!) It perfectly combines classical and EDM, which will obviously gonna suck me right into liking it so much So basically: violins and piano plus thicc beats equals Y E S W O W

I also like the prologue monologue, which conveniently reminds me that Donatello is an artist, not a musician LMAO

There are other classical crossover songs out there that I like, which I'll probably cover next time. I don't promise that this will be a regular thing but I'll try, I guess haha
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