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Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 2

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So pretty much this blog series is gonna be irregular, but I'll wait for someone else to post their blogs before I post mine soooo here's the next one!


Japanese Vocaloids? Singing in Filipino?? And with sick instrumentals??? HECK YEAH

Nakakapagpabagabag (pronounced as na-ka-KA-pag-pa-ba-GA-bag) (translated as worrisome) is about Filipinos' favorite impossible tongue twister of a word someone saving a lover and/or a society in a Noah's Ark kind of context, as said by the artist. And because of this song, I got to master saying the word L M A O

I'd say this opened my interest to Vocaloid music, but right now, I'm only stuck to listening to the same artist's songs. I'm not usually the one to explore much haha

tl;dr this tongue twister is a BOP
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