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So as the title says this is just a blog post about my fics that are already finished/in progress at the moment! I'll do another blog post about ones I'm still thinking on soon.

Currently finished:
Growing Bud - this one is actually already done but I for some reason forgot to post Ch. 13 the week before my camping trip lol. I'll post the next chapter sometime this week though, I promise! (and if I forget again feel free to yell at me for it)

Friendship Beyond Sight - this one is also finished since it's only two chapters. This fic is a FFVII & VIII crossover modern AU, the title is actually a hint for the story but I'm not going to spoil the main characters for it, so you'll have to wait until Growing Bud is fully updated here!

In progress:
Officer Selphie, On The Case! - this is almost complete actually, but I'm still thinking up two more chapters then it'll be complete. As you can tell from the title Selphie Tilmitt is the main character in it, this one is a FFVIII & Pokémon crossover though various FF characters from other games will make minor cameos in it; just FFVIII characters will have more presence. This fic is more humorous and lighthearted, so hopefully this one will raise those emotions from you!


That's it for now! Think of this post as more of what to expect from the next fics I have done so far. Like I said in the beginning of the post, I'll post a different blog about the fics I'm currently brainstorming, and maybe see what you'll think of it.

Feel free to comment here (or in a VM/PM if you prefer) if you want to voice your thoughts about this blog!
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