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Voltaire's Music Jams of Different Flavors - Episode 3

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Here's another update to this music blog that has somehow managed to not include a koreeb song! Yay! LMAO

And this time there are TWO songs! You'll know why!

Episode 1 (Donatello) is one example of my preference in Classical x EDM music, but in the following examples, these are actual classical pieces!

1. Hellfire by Memme


This song is based on Vivaldi's Summer from The Four Seasons. With a twist of heavy beats and stronger violin sounds (Dubstep? My genre blindness is showing up again LOL). Which results to a banger that effectively represents the harshness of summer (which I can relate to because summer here is HECK).

Also, I LOVE the music video animations! Very apocalytpic! HECKIN BIG MOOD!!

2. Avalanche by Memme

Same artist! And is now tackling Vivaldi's Winter! And is Drumstep (That's how the song is described tbh)! And with the violins! Heavy banger! Like an avalanche!

As a final comment, I can't wait to hear the other classical remixes of Vivaldi's Spring and Autumn, not necessarily from the same artist, but I want more stuff like these! <3
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