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So like stated in my last blog post about my finished/in progress fanfic, here is part 1 of all the ideas I'm going to be brainstorming.

Centaur Cloud x Zack; fantasy + romance

Elf Cloud x Squall; fantasy + romance

Feol Viera Cloud x Squall; fantasy + romance; set in FFVIII's world and focus + plot with obvious changes to add in some FFVII and XII lore (this idea came about after seeing some fanart of Cloud as a Viera)

Elf Aerith x Zack; fantasy + romance + humor; possible KH character appearances (maybe not fully sure yet)

Satyress Tifa x Cloud; fantasy + romance; short feel good fic mainly

Satyr Cloud x Squall; fantasy + romance + humor

Half Dragon Cloud x Zack; fantasy + friendship

Merman Hope x Lightning; fantasy + romance

Locke x Rinoa; romance + modern

Locke x Cloud; romance; FFVI and VII crossover; mainly set in FFVII's world; different plot

Loup garou Cloud x Tifa; romance + fantasy

Worgen Squall x Rinoa; fantasy + romance

Dhampir Cloud x Terra (KH); fantasy + romance + adventure

Vampire Squall x Cloud; romance + fantasy

Wendigo Sephiroth x Sorceress Rinoa; fantasy + romance

Sorcerer Cloud x Squall; friendship + fantasy

Bartz x Tifa; romance + modern

Squall x Tifa; romance + adventure

Al Bhed Cloud x Squall; romance + fantasy; mix of FFVII and VIII with lore from X slightly added (mainly Al Bhed concept)

Cloud x Tifa; romance + western


So there's the first list down. I thought these ideas would be fun and interesting to work on, and I know they'll be fun to brainstorm. If you want to post your thoughts about this list/pairings/etc. then feel free to here, or VM/PM if you prefer.
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