Blog 2: My Inspiration and Dedication (A Freedom I Strive For)

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Hi again and welcome to my second blog for otaku plaza.
This blog will focus on what I do for hobbies/fun and who I do that for, after myself of course!

I usually do photoshop art in my spare time and writing. The first would not be possible, if it wasn't taught by my brother and mentor at the time.

I just love the idea of manipulation with imagery and effects etc.
It's such a great feeling to twist something into your own purest form.

Writing is more to do, It was the only thing I excelled at through school.
Telling your own story is just a beautiful thing, especially if you can do it well!

I do these things for my ancestors. Those before me who I care about more than anyone knows. The feeling I was created with so much different genetics, is beyond spectacular and cool as in my opinion.

I will always cherish the fact I did a dna test and got what I wanted from my dna and more, much more in fact.

Thanks for having me again and with this, here is my closing for my second blog.
I hope to see you again
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