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Fire Emblem Three Houses (Switch)

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So let me just say I am really excited for the new FE switch game! Everything looks so cool/awesome in the trailer, and that song! I need to find it!

For those that haven't seen it yet here it is:

Looks great right?

I love how when they show them moving the units on the map it reminds me of PoR and RD, I think maybe this game is going for a full blend of old and new which is fine by me.

The art style is also amazing, it reminds me of Persona a lot so that's another plus! Can't wait to see more new characters in this style.

Now for the few characters we were introduced to, I love the designs they have. Edelgard here come those DAE misread it as Edgelord memes, Dimitri, and Claude are so cool that I just want keychains of them. Especially Dimitri and Claude though! And then the teacher, Byleth, looks very interesting as well, though with his lack of dialogue I'm thinking he might be the My Unit of the game? Of course this is the only trailer so far, so we won't know for sure just yet, regardless he's interesting and I like him so much ^///^

As for the title I'm eh on it. I feel it could have been called something else and be more interesting, but that's a nitpick I can ignore since it won't ruin my experience for the game when it releases.

Too bad it'll release next year instead of this year though, but at least it's a Spring release so it's at least early 2019.

Conclusion, I want it now! JK, seriously though so excited for it and I think it'll be a fun game worth putting a whole lot of hours on. 2019 needs to roll around quickly!
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