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Characters I want to see in Smash Bros. Ultimate (opinion)

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So after the Smash Direct on the 8th of this month revealing new characters which I am excited for (except for Dark Samus but it's whatever), but especially excited for Simon, Richter, and Chrom! But it got me thinking of what other characters they could add, so I decided to put in a list of who I want to see get in. (please note that I know they probably don't have a chance anyway and if they do show a new character again in the future it'll most likely be one or two more, this is just my wishlist)

1. Isaac (Golden Sun series) - personally it'd be really cool to have an adept character in, it would be great to see more magic based characters on the roster. Plus one of his alts could be his older design in Dark Dawn!

2. Seliph & Leif (FE GotHW/Thracia 776) - *inb4 no more FE/sword characters* personally I would love more FE characters, mainly because I'm glad it's getting the recognition it deserves. Anyway it'd be nice to see older FE characters that isn't Marth, Roy, and Ike (even though I like them too); adding in the protagonists of 4 & 5 would make my dreams come true!

3. Tifa Lockhart (FFVII) - I was also thinking up other FF characters they could add, but I'm sure they'd want to add in a character from VII since it's more popular/recognizable, that and Tifa is another popular character alongside Cloud Strife himself (of course they could add in Noctis from FFXV but since he already guest stars in Tekken 7 that probably won't happen). Tifa would be a great choice for another brawler like Little Mac and her limits would be so cool to see, with Final Heaven being her Final Smash? Heck yes!

4. Ephraim (FE Sacred Stones) - yes yes, another FE character; but he uses a lance not a sword, so people sick of seeing sword users from FE we'd get in weapon variety from the series. That and I want to see my third video game crush be in lol. (as an aside I wouldn't oppose to see Hector from FE Blazing Blade, a character quite a few FE fans would love to see since he also doesn't use a sword but an axe, even more weapon variety!)

5. Ace (FF Type-0) - yes I know I said that if they were to add in another FF character it would most likely be someone from VII or even from a most recent main game (XV), but I can't just let my boy Ace be neglected. He'd bring in his deck of cards into the battle and with his teleportation ability he'd be welcome for those wanting more kinds of weapon/abilities.

Runner ups: Marx (Kirby series), Blaziken (Pokémon), Julius (FE GotHW), Soren (FE PoR/RD), and Spyro (Spyro series).


So those are my picks of who I'd like to see, are there any characters you'd like to make an appearance as a fighter?
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