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My thoughts on the Switch version of My Hero One's Justice

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So on October 26 I got My Hero One's Justice at launch (and Red Dead Redemption 2 even though I already have enough PS4 games, I caved okay the first game is good!) and after spending two days completing the story mode and doing a couple of CPU battles to get the feel of it, I've decided to post my thoughts on the game through a good, bad, and neutral points.

- The Switch version's graphics actually aren't all that bad! Despite complaints and predictions for it, the graphic aren't the worst for a Switch game.

- The roster isn't bad with 23 characters to choose from, with 19 you can play with from the start, one is unlockable after beating the hero story and the other three being DLC. While this may not be great for some (understandable as there are some characters they could have maybe added in) for it being a first fighting game for the series it's actually a good amount!

- It isn't a mindless button masher, you do have to actually watch your opponent and time certain attacks/specials, and while after training them for a good while you can overcome your opponent it's still great that it isn't just pressing ABXY in whatever order to win.

- The abilities are canon to the characters, while this should be a no brainer some anime based games tend to deviate from the source material at times but not this one. The attacks and certain combos also seem to fit the characters playstyles, that's good.

- There is surprisingly a lot to unlock! You customize your profile card with characters from the anime as well as it's border design and quotes, you can also dress up the characters with different items. These items can also go onto any character, so go ham! Not to mention you will unlock a lot of things by simply playing through various modes, though some items have to be bought (via in-game money).

- I could do without the occasional lag/stutter, I'm not sure if this is present in the other versions of the game though, so this could be because of handheld mode on the Switch (as I have yet to do docked mode for the game). Regardless if I want to play on the go, I rather not see this happen too often.

- Loading times are also bad. It takes a while to load from one mode to another, and it doesn't help that if you're doing story mode and want to get it over with the load can add onto that to make it slower/longer. Also a very minor nitpick but they could have used the opportunity to add different characters for each time it loads, while chibi Ochaco is cute I want to see the other characters chibified too!

- The camera angles are very wonky and all over the place, in a way. Whenever you're in a heated match expect the camera to pull away from your character at times and that can make it difficult (at least for me) to pull off certain attacks because you might think you're close enough to your opponent, when it zooms back in you're really not. It's distracting at times.

- The story mode. Unpopular opinion but the story mode, while not great, isn't as bad as others make it out to be. Pro-tip if you're playing a game based off an anime, and with it being the first fighting game for said series, you shouldn't expect an amazing story. Most anime based games' story modes will be based off certain points of the anime.

- Most of your time after story mode will be in training, online, arcade, and CPU battles. That's not necessarily a bad thing though, as you'll be focused on unlocking various stuff, but I can understand why some people would want more to it which is why I placed this under neutral.


TLDR, the game is pretty good for a fighting game. Not the best but certainly not the worst either, it's a game based off an anime so don't expect an amazing original story mode or even the best of a lot of fighting games out there. I do think that $60 for it is not the best price, at most 30-40 would be better.

My score: 6.7/10, will definitely hold me over until Smash Ultimate at least and has some decent replay value for the items.
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