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My current thoughts on Smash Ultimate

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So on Friday I got Smash Ultimate before work and have been playing it often at times. There is just so much to do and I love it!

Spirits are fun to get but on the Spirits Board having to shoot at the character you just fought and not hit the spinning shield is a bit tedious, especially if the shield is spinning fast. They mitigate this somewhat with items and second chances, and if you still hit the shield that part that broke off stays off on the next rematch, so that's cool.

Unlocking characters though I actually got frustrated on. I went with the Smash Mode to unlock them and geeze, I swear it feels like I'm going against a human player instead of the CPU. Most of them feel like they are being controlled by a competitive player which wasn't all that fun for me, some were easy but most were either close calls or straight up losses (looking at you Wolf, Cloud, Chrom, Bowser Jr., and Dr. Mario; those ones gave me the most trouble of unlocking). Then at the Challenger's Approach, an area you can rematch for characters, takes a while to show up, the cool down time is ten minutes but it feels longer (which at times I think it was). Cool idea to have, but horrible cool down time, should be there always if you lose imo.

Classic Mode is still fun though and really exciting to finish it with all characters, especially Simon, Richter, Inkling, and Chrom.

As for World of Light I haven't gotten far on, still in the very early part of the story so nothing to talk about on.

So overall loving the game but some things got me frustrated with at times, though not too much to where it ruins my enjoyment at least. Will probably follow up with another blog post once I play more of it in the coming days.
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