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    the iceeed coffee break! YES YES YES, praise Dunkin ;; ! I haven't been for a bit and idk what I'm doing! I've been trying to just make my normal hot coffee over ice and it's not the same, not the same at all lmao ; and lol at it being like Frogger ;;;; I'm glad we're both still here! US VERSUS THE TWO TON MACHINES AND WE'RE MAKING IT OUT ALRIGHT HEHE

    thanks so much! whew, it's really speeding by! I think the first week of May I'll be done, but it feels like a trek up a couple of mountains from this point to there. I'm up for the challenge! Ha, is it getting any warmer over there? I definitely think that makes me feel in general just more open to explorations and new things! ;; and ahh, gotcha! how's your weekend looking!
  2. I totally forgot all about blue face Popo... I feel like 4kids did that w/a lot of African American coded characters back in the day, honestly. Editing out the supposed violent scenes is pretty much classic 4kids. They did it with every single anime they could possibly get their hands on. There was one point when they had Tokyo Mew Mew, and it was cancelled halfway through probably for many reasons.

    Fake decks are always hilarious, I really wish I could get more....but they're not really made any more. The ones I have are from funzone, iirc.
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    Hi there, thanks for the welcome!
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    that's so wild ;; i'm so sorry that's happened!! i also totally feel that though - I used to run outside everyday, and although I just work out at the gym now because the concrete isn't so great for the knees, I saw all sortsa cars that would just keep going even when the pedestrian walk sign is on and all... i've counted on my fingers the number of times i've been nearly run over and i'm like "welp God's not playing with me the next time" LOOOL WE GOTTA STAY SAFE

    THANK YOUUUUU!! AHHHHH! I'm excited! the end, of at least this semester, is in sight! I'm so proud of myself lmfao, i haven't taken a stats-based course since like freshman year of college oops... and even then, it was like, charting out the directions of orbits and stuff around the sun LOL. i'm so glad!! what do you think helped re-center you? I think so too - maybe it's because spring is here?! I'm not sure! I'm so happy to see the feeling spread, though!
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    OMG I forgot to reply to that! queen of the late replies here rip i'm sorry!

    WHAAAAAAT that's so crazy!! I'm so happy you're okay! WHY are drivers so wild sometimes! coffee is good, and your day sounds relaxing which is so so good! you deserve a break!! ;;

    I'm in an exciting place for school! the final projects and homework assignments are really ramping up, but I think I can find it in me to get everything done and in a stellar way! (by that I mean genuinely trying to give a good effort, even if that good effort for me means a 77 on the stats midterm - I TRIED SO HARD AND I'M REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF LMAOO!) and it's been really exciting talking to family and awesome people, like you!! I feel like there's a general sense of transition in the air! O: do you feel that too?!
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    that's completely fine <3 As long as you're happy and still relaxing, that's what matters! 8DD

    How have you been!
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    YESSSS!! it's so special when you can literally have a piece of Goku in your living room ;; YYH DVD YESSSSS! does this mean there's hope?! a NEW series for you, a new adventure of anime on the horizon?!
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    okay but what if the ditch is already pre-loaded with anime VHS's :eyes:
  9. Sorry, I haven't been on to answer this...

    I feel like a lot of the same actors worked w/4kids that worked on Dragon Ball. I do remember when they had Z Kai.... i wonder if they further edited it from Nicktoons version? I really feel like there were a lot of Nicktoons shows that should have been on ealier.... like, The Secret Show for example. Tha was a weird show, though.

    The structure deck I have also has Slifer the Sky Dragon, but it's fake. I should look at the pack again, but it's too dusty to open atm ^^;
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    that Futurama episode was so trippy *~* as was the one where Fry sticks his hand into his tummy and he sees this giant hole and it's like "whoa we're dead, but also actually dating!" SO many neat and cool concepts in that show!!

    okay!! )): I support you in all things and I'm sorry to hear you're feeling that way - you bring myself, and many others, a lot of joy and deep thought and awesome friendship, but if you need a break, you should totally go for it! I'm happy I have you on fb!! <3 Hope all goes well! If you ever wanna talk or need anything, anything at all!! I'm here for you!
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