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    I'm still pretty busy so I'm very worn out. Still waiting for the fall so I can rest up my body. How are you doing?
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    Been playing Octopath Traveler since it's release, I have completed four of the characters stories on one file and am currently playing the other four and their stories on my second file. I'm thinking that on the third file I'll recruit all of them and switch around the party.

    It's a great game so far imo since it reminds me of the older Final Fantasy's, specifically IV-VI. This is another game I totally recommend!
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    If you're still curious about who the character in my avvie is, he is Gunvolt
    I definitely recommend the games whenever you get the chance if you like platformers. It's on the 3DS and Switch (I recommend the Switch version though since it comes with both games in one cart).
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    The way they introduced Leone and Moody Blues is great
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    Well for the part 5 manga there is a better translation of it up and it's all in color, if you still want to read it:

    But yeah part 5 is my fave cause the characters in VA are pretty great imo, especially Giorno (with his parentage and awesome Stand) and Bruno (especially since his Stand reminds me of Yukari Yakumo's powers).
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    WAIT!!!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!? I knew the logo was picked up, but not this! :O
    Edit: Just saw the articles for it, SO HYPE! Can't wait to see my favorite JoJo in action <3
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    It's so true. They're very deceitful. A great dessert but I still got and ate it as breakfast regardless this morning cause they just pair so well with coffee.

    My day was okay. You know mostly just a typicso day since really I don't have anything to look forward to anymore on the birthday to make it any different than a normal day. It's all good, just a part of getting older and being single and stuff like that.
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    Thank ya Smiles! At this point in my life my birthday is really just another day but I appreciate it nonetheless. And no cake, I wanted to get some donuts instead so I did.
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    You know I appreciate you, even if I have my doubts about summer in life overall I'd never step on your enjoyment of it. Even if it sucks I'll still wake up every day, make my cup of coffee and face the day and continue life. So it's all good even if summer ain't okay.
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    Haha well while I do appreciate the well thoughts I have no hope for the summer at all. Least this one can't possibly be as bad as last years.
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S H R I N E ✦ pt. ii

by Smiles on 05-04-2018 at 08:20 PM
hi <33 needed to write another blog post on two of my favorite cuties from yowapeda: glory line, so spoilers AHHHH! this is an incredible, incredible anime so i really suggest everyone to watch it as soon as they can! anyway, this specific blog post is dedicated to two particular characters and ways i find they complicate notions of masculinity and the body, especially in the athletic domain. lots of attention to the pathway of love and shame in this one, too!

beginning with our

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S H R I N E ✦ pt. i

by Smiles on 05-01-2018 at 11:32 PM
HI you all! <33 this might feel a bit outta left field for me, but i've been inspired to develop a blog here dedicated to the lessons anime teaches us about love, shame, sexuality and forbidden knowledge! we can't spell shrine without sin, and i really find moments of immense veneration are often tied to extreme challenge. to our thought patterns, beliefs, and ways of knowing and navigating the world. thus, loving contradictions are at the core of my world! anyway, moving on...

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