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    Yeah haha been really busy lately. Good to see ya.
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    And now look who took forever to answer eh? Very busy times lately all around so hey no need for a sorry when not answering.

    I'm laughing tbh because my parents had spent like 9k to get our central air unit replaced cause after 26 years it was confirmed it won't work anymore, but since we got it after a hot spell of days it's only cracked 80 one day here. I know it's still early in the season but its still funny to me. Well its like back in 2012 we'd had hurricane sandy, then the following week we got a snowstorm that dumped 8 inches of snow on us, then the week after that it was 80 degrees out. You just never really know what you're going to get here in the east coast. I mean if nothing else I assume I'd have great strength and just throw a grandfather clock on people. Nah haha I haven't seen any movies at all lately.

    I'm not shocked, really I'm not. There was never a doubt in my mind you were going to pass with a good grade. How have summer classes been going, and what else have you been up to? Life's been relatively the same for me. Sorta got burned out on all my energy with working Memorial day weekend, and I'm pretty sure I've got a case of the birthday blues.
  3. Its okay I am glad to be here and to help in any way with contributing Thanks for replying back.
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    Hey there's no need to apologize for that, I know you're a busy person so yeah always take all the time you need to answer. Especially with what tomorrow is.

    Normally I like to get caramel in mine cause I like that some sweetness in my iced coffees, but sometimes I'll also get mocha in there. Yeah like now how the next few days its gonna feel like the middle of summer. It definitely plays a big toll on the body. But yeah it keeps changing so often it is for sure like being in a game. I could get behind an end of the world movie because I would probably be calm and shrug it off figuring everything would work out in the end.

    And how did you do on the rest of your work? All went well huh? Nope I just know when I go to sleep and when I wake up. No tracking for me. You're right it always boggles my mind how sometimes I can nap for 2 hours and it feels like no time passed, or sometimes can sleep for 15 minutes and it'll feel like its been hours. It's just definitely crazy thinking about sleep in general.
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    Fine! GL in your finals.
    I am working on two fanfics at one, Welcome to the Insanity and a one about Sinnoh.
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    Hello! How are you?
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    ; v ; thank youuu <3 glad to be here finally
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    Now what do you get in your iced lattes? And oh yeah Friday and Saturday were very warm while today I got poured on and it was thundering and lightning haha. And yeah going out in the warm and seeing new people is always great when they're friendly. I live close to one, and go by two more on my way to work I mainly use the app for when I think waiting for my drink would make me late otherwise. Not to mention anime has shown me the meteors can act as a trigger to summon a deeper power to survive but yes being crushed by them would be a pleasing end for sure course I don't plan to go anywhere anytime soon regardless.

    Hey there's no need to thank me, take that energy and turn it into focus. I mean not that there's a need with how much faith in you but ye. Yeah, I mean today is my ideal kind of weather but you're right after the warmth it's a tease to get after. Yeah sleep is a funny thing, I've learned when the body wants sleep its better to listen otherwise it'll punish you for not giving it haha. Good to hear that you'd gotten a good deal of rest though, and then that you got to have a good deal of fun today. It's looking standard. I have nothing special planned, just the standard work and laying back other times.
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    *the now animate jolly rancher attacks you and all of your garbage bins, but mostly your garbage bins*
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hi <33 needed to write another blog post on two of my favorite cuties from yowapeda: glory line, so spoilers AHHHH! this is an incredible, incredible anime so i really suggest everyone to watch it as soon as they can! anyway, this specific blog post is dedicated to two particular characters and ways i find they complicate notions of masculinity and the body, especially in the athletic domain. lots of attention to the pathway of love and shame in this one, too!

beginning with our

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HI you all! <33 this might feel a bit outta left field for me, but i've been inspired to develop a blog here dedicated to the lessons anime teaches us about love, shame, sexuality and forbidden knowledge! we can't spell shrine without sin, and i really find moments of immense veneration are often tied to extreme challenge. to our thought patterns, beliefs, and ways of knowing and navigating the world. thus, loving contradictions are at the core of my world! anyway, moving on...

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