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    YES enjoy it and join the fandom with me!
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    Outdated as in dat boi, doge and Sanic. The Ugandan Knuckles meme is hilarious, I still remember when that was the Knuckles Sings meme.
    As for heavy metal, I mean literally everything classified as metal. I am a proud metalhead. My favorite bands are Trivium, Mechina, In The Silence, Amiensus and Illidiance. A lot of obscure bands, I know, but I listen to literally everything. Music is one of my greatest passions and I can go on for hours about various artists. Feel free to exchange songs with me anytime! <3

    I am happy that Nyanja invited me and that I am here too! I missed being on forums.
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    Omg Smiles I forgot to tell you the most important part about Yowamushi Pedal. The newest episode reminded me of it today. So whenever the team is in danger or something they sing a song to give them a special power up. Would you like to see a small clip of it?
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    Thanks, I thought for a while how cute this pairing would be, even more so with BotW Link since he's such a cutie in that game imo. I'm hoping I'm not making it too slow though, but I did want to give little hints here and there before the actual romance starts to build soon. And don't worry I'll still keep updating, I'll try for later this week to put up Ch.8, hopefully at least. But when all the stuff going on irl on my end is done I'll definitely update regularly again!
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    Yeah the jobs of the gods are to maintain balance, and only intervene when related to them. Whis constantly states in Xenoverse 2 he's only training you so you can get him delicious foods from Earth later on haha.

    Hm, well I guess without spoiling any later events if you've only been on the dub, I'd go with the Universe 6 vs 7 tournament. Specifically Hit vs Goku.
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    >"Now I need to know what memes and music you're into! O: GUESS THERE'S ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!"

    I like outdated memes and heavy metal... Mostly. There is a lot more than just that.
    Nice to meet you!
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    The anime and games explain it with Beerus and Whis stating it's not a Gods place to interfere with mortal matters, although its shown they still care enough with Whis continuing to train Goku and Vegeta, and both Whis and Beerus training the created character you make in games. Although they usually shrug it off as them training you in exchange for delicious foods lol
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    Oh alrighty! Look forward to it!! Thank you, Smiles <3
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    Anytime! Plus, do you all have a donation link yet?
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    You are very welcome ^^ Let me know if I can assist in any type of way. I've been on forums for awhile and if I can alleviate some of the stress that comes with creating a community like this, I'd love to!
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S H R I N E ✦ pt. ii

by Ghostie on 05-04-2018 at 08:20 PM
hi <33 needed to write another blog post on two of my favorite cuties from yowapeda: glory line, so spoilers AHHHH! this is an incredible, incredible anime so i really suggest everyone to watch it as soon as they can! anyway, this specific blog post is dedicated to two particular characters and ways i find they complicate notions of masculinity and the body, especially in the athletic domain. lots of attention to the pathway of love and shame in this one, too!

beginning with our

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S H R I N E ✦ pt. i

by Ghostie on 05-01-2018 at 11:32 PM
HI you all! <33 this might feel a bit outta left field for me, but i've been inspired to develop a blog here dedicated to the lessons anime teaches us about love, shame, sexuality and forbidden knowledge! we can't spell shrine without sin, and i really find moments of immense veneration are often tied to extreme challenge. to our thought patterns, beliefs, and ways of knowing and navigating the world. thus, loving contradictions are at the core of my world! anyway, moving on...

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