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Thread: Gen IV cross-generational evos

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    Gen IV cross-generational evos

    This generation introduced more cross-generational evolutions, coming to a total of 29. For those confused by the term an example would be that Lickitung was able to evolve into Lickilicky this gen, or Sudowoodo getting a baby evo called Bonsly.

    Out of all 29 cross-generational evos this gen, which ones are your favorites? Are there ones you dislike? Or do you not like any of them?

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    I don't really have a favorite cross-generational evolution. I do like how Roselia became a middle stage Pokemon, and that Snorlax got a pre-evolution (even though it was leaked extremely early in generation III, it counts.) Other than that, I don't really care otherwise.
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    Honestly I love how it took stuff like Aipom, Yanma, Murkrow ect, things really not used any and evolved them into Pokemon more worth using at the time by giving those kinds an evolution. And it was great to see some Gen 1 stuff gain new evolutions like Rhydon and Electabuzz.

    My favorite out of the batch is hands down Ambipom.

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    Probably Yanmega and Roserade, really like their designs and I would use them almost every time I played through Platinum

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