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Thread: Gen V the counterpart

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    Gen V the counterpart

    When generation V came around it was a counterpart to gen I, with Pokemon designs being similar in some cases to the first gen's Pokemon. This generation of games was also widely loved by some, yet widely hated by others; one of the reasons why it was disliked was because on your first journey into Unova, you couldn't catch any older Pokemon until post-game, though this was changed in it's sequels BW2.

    What do you personally think of gen V? Do you love it or hate it? Do you find it to be awesome as a counterpart or not?

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    You can count me as one of its lovers. Generation 5 (Black/White, particularly) reignited my interest in Pokemon after not being very pleased with the prior generation. I didn't mind the absence of the older Pokemon in the main game. In fact, it is one of the reasons I liked Black and White so much as I was too familiar with all of the other Pokemon to really be surprised by anything.

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    I wasn't too big of a fan of Gen 5, but I really enjoyed the concept of it being a counterpart. For new players and old players alike the game was full of new surprises! And on top of this, there was a really cool plot that stood out against all the other games.
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    I really liked Gen 5 because it brought me back to Pokemon after not playing Gen 4.
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