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Thread: Your favorite spin-off game?

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    Your favorite spin-off game?

    Which is your favorite spin-off game and why?

    Me I don't actually really play the spin-off games, the only one I stuck with and really love is Trozei. Mainly cause I like puzzle games, and this one really stuck out to me as fun and cute. I might give Pokemon Conquest a try though since it kind of gives off an FE vibe (and I love that series too).

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    I never really cared for the spin-off games, though I once owned the Generation I Pokémon Stadium. I traded that in along with the other Pokémon games that I had in early 2006. Man, were the battle Cups in Stadium tough or what! Though, to be honest, I loved most of the Kids Club minigames that were included.

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    The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise is my favorite. The whole concept of transforming into a Pokemon is really creative and they have the best plotlines out of any Pokemon game.

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    i LOVE pokemon mystery dungeon. it totally shaped my childhood-- i met my absolute best friends off a pokemon mystery dungeon mmo haha!
    i remember in elementary school i'd steal away to the back corner and play my gameboy-- my once ounce of rebellion. i still miss the wonder it gave me

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    I love Pokemon Ranger bc the Pokemon follow you around like pets even though that's not quite a good thing in the game's canon LMAO and pretty much my complaint is that it scratches the touch screen too much rip

    I also LOVE the Mystery Dungeon series and the only thing I could say that the ending makes me cry EVERYTIME ;-;

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