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Thread: OP Discord!

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    Post OP Discord!

    Hi there ^^

    If you'd like to keep the conversation going on our Discord, this is the place where we can invite you! Simply post below, and we'll PM you an invite asap!
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    Junior Member Jack's Avatar

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    Feb 2018
    The big mitten
    Hi it is me i would love to join
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    Super Moderator Caite-chan's Avatar

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    Feb 2018
    Vermillion City, Kanto
    I'd like to sneak in as well.
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    henlo gib inv please

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    Ooh hit me with that invite if you please.

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    What the heck, send me an invite for when I'm around on discord.

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    Super Moderator Nyanja's Avatar

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    Feb 2018
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    Hit me up I'm ready to join the discord madness!

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    Please send an invite my way!

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