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Thread: Happy Birthday!

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    Happy birthday to @Nyanja and @KazamiTempest, hope your birthdays are filled with magic and happiness.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALSO TO @KazamiTempest; ! Though we've just met, you're incredibly sweet and I hope you're having a birthday that's as joyful and vibrant as you are ;;

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    Happy late birthday, don't kill me you two
    All of time and space, where would you like to go?

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    Brb going to grab my banhammer! Thank you guys so much I had a blast! Part 2 starts today!

    Nyanja also known as Juan according to @Smiles; | AMA | My Story

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    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SWEET EBAIL here too!! you're a wonderfully kind person and deserve the best of birthday's!!

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    Thank you very much Smiles! (And you too Karina!) Really appreciate you two remembering and sending the birthday wishes.

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    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY also to Otter Mii-kun! hope you're having a great day! <333

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