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Thread: Walking Pokemon

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    Walking Pokemon

    HG/SS's biggest feature was that you could walk with your Pokemon pretty much anywhere. What did you think of this feature, and what Pokemon did you usually end up walking with? Would you like to see the feature return in future games?
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    I loved this feature honestly. Now I admit it was a bit odd having something like a Gyarados following you around on land, or you know, Mewtwo being your walking Pokemon but it was a great feature that I would thoroughly enjoy seeing return.

    The Pokemon that I normally had travel with me was Cyndaquil/Quilava/Typhlosion since well it always felt to me your starter was meant to be your closest companion, and so the Pokemon you'd have out of its ball walking with you.

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    It's one of my favorite gimmicks in the games and I wish GF would bring it back. Sadly though when they come up with an amazing feature they tend to just use it in the games they first appear in and not bother to bring it back in future games.

    The Pokemon that I walked with the most was my Typhlosion, a few others I walked with were Suicune, Houndoom, and Arcanine. I'm pretty sure I walked with more Pokemon but those are the ones I remember the most.

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    It was cute, and while I wouldn't mind them bringing it back, it wouldn't bother me if they didn't. One thing I will say is there should have been more reactions that differed among the species of pokemon you're talking to. Some didn't really make sense, like I'm not sure how an Onix or a Magcargo can hug you for example.

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    I think it's cute and fun, and it makes me not want to use my bike! LMAO I don't mind the weirder set of Pokemon as walking companions tho

    My faves would be my starters, quadrupeds, dragons with flapping wings, and cute pet ones <3

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    Some didn't really make sense, like I'm not sure how an Onix or a Magcargo can hug you for example.
    I'm guessing Onix will hug you as if its using Wrap/Constrict on you lol, not sure with Magcargo tho :P

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    absolutely LOVED this feature and thought that it really brightened the relationship between my pokemon and my trainer! i also thought it was absolutely FANTASTIC that some really big pokemon, like wailord, could follow you (on land!) with no problem! loved being able to walk with all of my pokemon, and since i rotated each mon by two levels in my party, they all got a good chance at fresh air and sunshine ;;

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