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Thread: So Many Changes!

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    So Many Changes!

    S/M changed quite a lot of core game features such as Gyms, and HMs. What did you think of these changes? Which change do you feel was for the better, which do you feel were unneeded changes?
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    Most of the changes brought about with Sun/Moon were the kind that I felt were done for the sake of change and overhauling the franchise, rather than being done out of necessity, with the possible exception of getting rid of HM field moves. That's one of the reasons why I haven't bothered to continue Moon past the first trial, nor am I planning on getting Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon anytime soon.

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    I liked the Island Trials and Totem battles in these games. To me they actually added a challenge over gyms, and in USM the Totem battles had more strategy for a battle AI. I'm also glad for no HM uses on the overworld, though if they were like the Mantine Surf then I wouldn't have minded them staying.

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