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Thread: Villains in the anime

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    Villains in the anime

    So as we know Team Rocket is a constant presence in the Pokemon anime. But have you noticed most other villains in the series (not counting the movies) don't have as big of a presence? Especially the villain team of a region.

    How do you feel about this? Do you wish TR was shown less and give the current gen's villains more of a role?

    For me, while I like TR I think they are overdone now. I mean it made sense for them to be in Kanto and Johto but once we hit Hoenn I wanted Teams Magma and Aqua to be the main villains to stop Ash and co. not just appearing for a few episodes. I think I'm more just burnt out on the main TR trio than the group itself, I actually want goofy villains from the other teams in each new region Ash goes to.

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    I really want another villain like Hunter J from DPPt. She was a break from the norm in that she was a serious threat...bad enough that they actually implied her death in the anime. The problem with evil teams across every region is that they're universally incompetent, with the possible exception of Team Plasma, where Cyrus at least got what he wanted.

    A stronger antagonistic presence would be welcome, though. It might even be enough to get me back into the anime. As for Team Rocket...I miss the days James crossdressed and broke the fourth wall.

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    Team Rocket is stuck in the anime forever. I hear them being serious really didn't work well with the audience, and that's why they went back to the way they were in the second half of Best Wishes. Less Team Rocket would be nice, but I highly doubt it'll happen. It happened once, and since the result was not favorable, I expect Team Rocket to stay permanent regulars. As for how I feel about, they're a good laugh, I guess. The regional villains, though, I really feel like they needed more than a single arc to them. At least Team Skull appears somewhat more in the Sun/Moon anime than Team Flare did in the anime: ie an entire arc.
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    I think Team Rocket is near perfect as the series's antagonists: can be taken seriously enough to be actually considered enemies while too mild/wacky enough to not make the series too dark. Plus I love the interactions between TR and the main gang where they're actually friendly with each other, since that's one of my fave tropes.

    If we want a darker twist, then having the other Teams be the main antagonists could be implemented, even if they could be just in the movies. Although with the show's format throughout time, I don't think they'll be able to fit in the other teams on an every episode basis unless they become Expies (copies) of TR.

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