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Thread: Best and Worst Subjects

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    Best and Worst Subjects

    What were/are your best and worst subjects in school?
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    My best subjects when I was in HS was English, History, and P.E. I was okay in science classes, not the best but not the worst either. While I wasn't terrible in math it certainly wasn't my favorite subject, in fact I was never too fond of any math classes I took then.

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    Best: PE
    Worst: Everything

    I hated going to school...though the only math I didn't mind doing was Geometry.
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    Best is English. I struggle wayyyy too much in math.

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    My best subject was Math to be honest with you. Since I'm a thinker, I loved the fact it made me think and I have to come up with a solution to the problem. The main thing I sucked with was word problems and Geometry. My 2nd favorite subject was PE. I shouldn't have to explain much about why I enjoyed PE. I just like activities and sports such as Tennis, Swimming, and etc. I sure miss playing Dodgeball. Now my worst subject was Spanish and History class. For Spanish I just had a horrible Spanish teacher who hated me for no reason and as for History it was so boring lol. The only thing I did was draw in that class.

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    Science was, and still is, my best/favorite subject throughout all of school. Specifically, I find Anatomy & Physiology interesting! The human body is absolutely remarkable and it seems almost endless when learning about it! My worst subject would be history :/ I just can't wrap my mind around all the names and dates X_X.

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    Best subjects: Math and anything computer related.
    Honorable mention goes to philosophy.

    Worst subjects: Biology and Spanish (higher level)
    Spanish only because my inattention is worse when reading stories in that language. Biology because of all of the memorization.
    Honorable mention goes to English.

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    Best: Art
    Worst: Math
    I have a learning disability called dyscalculia, which gives me great difficulty with numbers. Even simple equations can be hard.

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    loved loved loved history! ^^ the teachers of these courses were also amazing and paved a great pathway for learning, teaching the students how to study for all of the names and trends. one of my teachers made every student keep a note card for every major event or idea that set off amazing chain reactions to this day and age and that's what you would use to study for the AP World History exam. Just myself and 500 note cards lol that was the real deal for my first ever huge school test. and if you DIDN'T have your notecards ready (we kept them in shoe boxes) she would be soooo tilted; I don't even know how she counted them all, but the fact that she cared so immensely about her students' progress and study habits really showed. And made the biggest difference!

    Worst started to become french, but I don't blame myself or the teacher - she had to have three french classes (french 3, 4, and 5) all together in the same room, same period, because of budgets and because she was the only teacher. The 3 and 4 kids she could teach well enough together, but the 5 kids often ended up sitting out in the hallway with worksheets and tasks for her to do that were unrelated to french at all lol. I didn't blame her then and I wouldn't blame her now. She did her best for us with what was given! And If I didn't learn french that's okay; it's not too late, anyway!

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    My best subject in school would be math. I've always been someone who likes to know the process of how things work rather than just memorizing random bits of information.

    My worst subject would be history, as because stated above, I'm bad at remember random bits of information. If there's no logical formula to calculate it, it's harder for me to work with it D:

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