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Thread: ~ The Daily Tea House!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tactician Karina View Post
    Settled on Sizzler since I was craving shrimp at the time (no way was I going to Red Lobster with their prices lol).

    Gonna buy some watermelon this weekend to munch on during the summer, one of the best summer fruits imo!
    i'm so happy you mentioned this and Sizzlers!! honestly, my mom and i are on an Anthony Bourdain marathon and he had a great snippet in his episode on LA's Koreatown with Sizzlers:

    it's such a nostalgic and wonderful place!! i feel this way about claim jumper's and red lobster, too!

    also PRAISE watermelon! this fridge is now filled with watermelon, strawberries, and cherries! i love the summer!
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    Yeah! It's got a nice feel of nostalgia every time I go there, and their shrimp is so delicious. (of course I like their other menu items too but I pretty much almost always order seafood there lol) I kinda miss seeing commercials advertising the place now.

    How was everyone's 4th of July? My parents, brother, and I ate some pasta while watching fireworks.

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    THE SHRIMP v-v some things in life.... are just so precious, and you realize that nothing about that shrimp is wrong, it's all right, and everything is okay

    Fourth of July was pretty low-key here! kek, we're not too big on the fireworks - it's just a bit of effort to go out, buy them, light them, THE CLEAN UP THE NEXT DAY LOL... but it is so lovely to watch them!

    HOW'S everyone's week going? O:

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    Been busy with cooking and movies and not much else really.

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