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    When, in the day or night, are you most productive? How do you get the most out of your productive moment?

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    I feel like I'm more productive at nighttime, but tbh it's when I have my mind set on doing a certain task! In addition, a good working environment is a need for me. I go to the university library when I need to study or do requirements intensively, since they're open until midnight and I just live at a nearby dorm, and I am less tempted to procrastinate because of the library's feels haha

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    im not productive until the hour before it's due and i feel my life slowly crashing down

    but then i'm really productive hahaha

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    ^^^ YESSSSS same ;;; "it'll get done because it's going to get done itshastogetdoneimdying" me at 11:15 when class is at 1:00

    i'm definitely so much more productive in the morning! i'll wake up at 6:00 rather than staying up until 2 for sure! typically the best blocks for productivity, for me, are 7 - noonish and 1 - 4ish. if i'm thinking about starting an assignment at 6 and it's not due the next day, 8/10 chance i won't even start until the next day, nowadays! oops!

    there's a couple of things that happen to maximize productivity for me - telling myself, in advance, when the day starts, i need to do this thing; blocking out chunks of time to do other stuff, outside of that working time, so i have to get it done in those boundaries; a certain kind of music playing; very specific five-minute breaks to name a few things

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