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Thread: The Mandela Effect

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    The Mandela Effect

    The Mandela Effect...
    The Mandela Effect is when you or a group of people remember something that's not real or true.

    Do you remember seeing something somewhere only to find out it's not really true? Here's a few examples:

    People swear they've seen the Monopoly Man with a monocle when in fact he never had one in the first place.

    "Luke, I am your father."

    WRONG! The actual line is "No, I am your father."

    The Berenstein Bears is actually The Berenstain Bears.

    So how about you?
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    Perhaps this is gonna be specific to me only but anyways:

    For the longest time I thought Noah Chomsky (big guy in linguistics) was his name, and that's what I write in my outputs in class, until my professor pointed it out in class, and then the truth came out and it was spelled Noam LOL I was like WAIT WHAT I SWEAR IT WAS NOAH DAMMIT AUTOCORRECT!!!

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    ^ OH NOOOO rip noah!

    i'm not sure of this is the correct application of this... but this happens all the time in a classroom setting! you think the teacher said the assignment was due at a certain date, and when you ask others, everyone agrees that it's on that date! however, blackboard / whatever online application you use has the assignment listed at another date, and the professor or teacher says that's the date she stated in class! and everyone's like, WHAAAAT?!

    it's kinda fun! what's truth?! what's reality?! this also very much reminds me of flashbulb memories! and a reality that's so personal and so vivid and vibrant to you, personally, and to so many other people because of the (potentially historical) significance it takes in your life and the lives of others

    something really great a professor told me: "there is an objective reality but everyone's interpretation of that reality is completely subjective."

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