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Thread: Moments that made you BAWL

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    Moments that made you BAWL

    What are some of the most emotionally-charged anime moments that you've ever witnessed?!

    feel free to make ample use of the spoiler tag!

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    In One Piece that still gets me,
    is when Ace dies, especially since he died protecting his "brother" Luffy. Another one is when we see Sabo again, we thought he died as a kid since his makeshift boat was blown up but nope! He's alive and Luffy was indeed happy to see him alive, I know I was happy. (tears of joy came from not only Luffy, but me as well)

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    There's a bunch, but this moment was a special sad for me:


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    maaaan the Akira episode of YowaPeda crushed my soul

    Who would believe it if they were told their mother died while they were racing?

    I scrunched my eyes when he said this to Imaizumi. That's not "normally cruel" behavior, not something that would just come out of the blue from one person to another. Looking back, you realize Midosouji compromised Imaizumi's racing ability with his own trauma. He didn't just want to see if he was a better racer than Imaizumi; he wanted to test just how much of a stronger person he was than Imaizumi.

    If my mother died, I would keep racing.

    And he did. This episode had to be the most perfect episode for bringing together all of his faults, his quirks, the narratives that make him who he is today. I love that we know him as Akira in this episode. Not a racer, not a monster, just a child. Firstly I have to say I LOVED Midosouji when he first came on the screen; it might be because of his atypical body form, it might be because he's so good as a villain, it might be because he is the unpredictable polar opposite from Onoda, destroying himself for the solo win instead of cycling for fun with the team. it might be because he eats watermelon like a titan. love love love midosouji - he's attractive and WILD and the series sets him up to be DEPLORALBE

    only to show us how delightful he was as a child. I think the first part of this episode that broke me was watching him come home after visiting his mother, all scruffed up on his bike, shook, to a pseudo-family that doesn't really care about him. if a child falls on a bike, i feel like the first response as a caretaker should be to scoop the kid up in your arms, ask them if they're hurt, ask what happened, clean them up, etc. he's riding late at night with no helmet and faulty batteries, on a road racer, through the mountains; that itself is cause for concern. instead, his pseudo-mom walks away from him, caring for her own two kids and the grandpa who cannot accomplish daily tasks on his own. midosouji is left there in the door frame, still banged up, mid-sentence through saying something important about his mom.

    from that very moment in the episode, we see how independent and self-sustaining midosouji had to be from a very young age. he's a good boy who doesn't cause trouble; he doesn't speak up about his problems and ends up silently internalizing them. the scenes with the bullies really showed how this monster of a man started off as a very small child - one who's somewhat fragile and frail, too small to fight off the bullies. when the PE coach clasps midosouji's shoulder and says, "you should focus on your studies," i was broken again! it became apparent that midosouji's mom was the only responsible adult figure to have formed a supportive relationship with him in his childhood, believing in not just him as a child but his dreams. sure, the pseudo-family doesn't do anything bad to him, it's not an evil prince story - it's about what they don't do. more so that he's severely emotionally neglected.

    there's an ongoing list of measures known as the adverse childhood experiences (ACE's) scales; the more you've experienced as a young child, the higher your chances of developing harsh behavioral and mental health outcomes. midosouji, like many of us, has racked up quite a bit by the end of the episode alone. we see a small snippet of the little Midosouji had to begin with: his mother, and a dream of biking, and good teeth. We don't know where Midosouji's other parental figure was and the other factors along his life that made him who he was. I'd argue now that if Midosouji picked up any sport, any other sport at all or hobby, he would pursue it with the same dauntless alacrity as cycling if it meant his mother would be proud of him. cycling, the most brutal sport for this broken young boy... he's riding a bike that's three sizes too small for him, perhaps another ghost of a child's heart on the handlebars

    You can ride on the back of my back when I carry you through to the finish line!

    the finish line becomes a hauntingly beautiful metaphor for all midosouji's fighting for. to take his mother's dying wish across the finish line - when in actuality, his mom cared nowhere near as much for the cycling as she did her child. i wonder if midosouji feels, when he finishes first, that he's carrying his mother through heaven, across the line. imagining her on the crowd or on the back of his bike. midosouji's experienced some real trauma and this sport is a way for him to (self-destructively) enact it; now the bending and breaking of his spine as he leans forward in his bike makes sense, and it makes sense how his actions on the bike feel inhumane. to some extent, he's transcended all his frail body can do, and will do, to become the victor. the perfect athlete! i think it's very particular he's not riding for his team, either, and now i see he's not riding for himself: he's riding for his mom.

    he just became #1 IN MY HEART
    this ep messed me up

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    Anime game: Tales of Xillia 2
    The part where Ludger kills his brother.

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