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Thread: Congratulations!

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    We're so incredibly excited and honored to welcome two amazing people to our media team - 2B and Vigilance!

    Beginning with 2B, we were immensely impressed with her wealth of media experience. With thousands of followers on DeviantArt and an innovative insight for attracting new members, 2B was an exceptional candidate! She's got years of experience networking, crafting those long-lasting bonds with communities, and reaching new heights when it comes to anything design-related. We're so lucky and stoked to have someone this talented and committed be a part of the team!

    Vigilance too is exemplary when it comes to navigating online platforms! With experience promoting every possible platform, Vigilance reminds us that an account is not simply a link, but really an evolving story that incorporates the narratives and relationships of countless friends. Vigilance has profound experience building networks, developing vision for strong pages, and establishing cherished bonds. We're so happy to have received his application, and excited to see what he'll come up with!

    Vigilance will lead our Twitter while 2B will advertise in other unique and wonderful ways! We're grateful for these two exceptional individuals and the skills and insights they'll lend to the forums!

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    Congrats to you too! Can't wait to see how you guys do.
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    Congratulations to the both of you! Lets get TPP to blast off and soar to new heights! Looking forward to seeing what you both bring to the table.
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    Congrats you two I’m so proud of you! Let us know if you need help with anything.

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    Thank you guys for the opportunity! I definitely am proud to be able to help out TPP in such a way! Good luck to my fellow partner, 2B in their endeavors!

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    Congratulations to the both of you!

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    Congrats you two! Just do your best! :P
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    Congrats both :-3 Definitely well deserved! Proud of you especially Vig!

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    Thanks guys, means a lot. ^^

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    2B's methods are ingenious. She just brainwashes people like the cold hearted android she is. This is why A2 is the best waifu.

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