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Thread: Change Over Time

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    Change Over Time

    What about you has changed? What's stayed the same?

    How do you know?

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    Oof, so much has changed with me from 4 years ago. 4 years ago I was just an emotionless wreck of a person. Now, even though I struggle with depression on a daily basis, I'm slowly making progress to become who I really want to be :3

    4 years ago I also had no job or friends, now I have friends and a decent job (even though I don't like it, it pays alright and the benefits are amazing)

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    honestly, when i was a kid i was real quiet. would get asked to repeat what i said all the time, and after a while i learned to raise my voice just enough to say what was needed while making sure it was something said that would please the other person. you learn what people like pretty quickly, learn to adapt your truth to their truth so much that it's no longer a reflection of what you actually like and who you really are!

    somewhere along the way, all that got shaken up. i genuinely stand for what i believe is right, i call others out on things, i'll do whatever it takes with the power i have to make sure the right thing's happening - and i really express myself now too! in my senior year, one of my college mentors goes, "you really know how to say no now. you make more time for [you]." at first i was concerned, because it sounded selfish, but it's actually a really strong step forward. my emotional and moral lens feels in line with my actions; i don't have to hide anything because the person there is me, and not an intentional performance for you

    i know i've changed this way because what my mentors and friends have said, but also the change lies in not new friends in my life, but the quality and kinds of friends who've stayed throughout the years. incredible, loving people with the same ability to call me out if i'm doing something wrong. critical friends and peacebuilding advocates! i genuinely appreciate it so much! what's also differed is me getting into trouble - disrupting systems, defending structures, and i don't regret any of it

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