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    What's your system for faith, if you have one? How do you interpret meaning in the world?

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    I have faith in nothing. For anything and everything that is will not last forever.

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    I am a Christian Buddhist, which dovetails two core principles at my heart: striving for pure self-reliance and also submitting to a higher order and community O: Miracles and meditation are definitely both a thing, and I think meaning takes a large emphasis on prayer, reflection, hermeneutic divining of symbols and learning how to best serve people in this place we all coexist in at this present moment

    AND ALSO learning how to help people, putting others first and foremost as a value! I was born into a faith I didn't really understand but always thought I maintained a relationship with a higher power who really, genuinely cared and spoke to me in a myriad of small ways. I think, after a lot of reflection over my time alive currently, all the signs point towards me being this but there's a lot of room for me to grow!

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