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Thread: Moral Compass

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    Moral Compass

    What sets your definitions of what's right and wrong in society? For how people act?

    What, to you, is basis for being a good person? A bad person?

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    mine is some hamfisted quilt-like thing from experience and many, many influences

    i want to, sometimes, believe in objective morality but it's a struggle. i'm an extremely indecisive person and it's hard! i feel like, most people are good, and that's a really important thing that i realized. i used to wander through life with extreme distrust and bitterness-- but it was extremely freeing to realize everyone's just like you; sometimes they're fumbling messes of laughter and sometimes theyre bubbling with rage. and it's messy! everyones growing and realizing flaws and it's hard for me to fault people a lot even if i want to (which is another tricky topic!)

    lying and being unwilling to change, i think, are the main things that really shake me. everyone will "sin" and have flaws, but accepting them and wanting to change makes it easier to accept flaws in people-- but, seeing someone repeatedly jam their unhealthy behaviors over and over into themselves is something i just cannot stand. especially after met with confrontation about said unhealthy behavior, it's just really depressing and something i can't stand to be around. unless you kill someone. that's kinda screwed up, guys.

    tl;dr being alive is growth. growth is being alive.

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