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Thread: I wanna do it, too!

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    I wanna do it, too!

    did an anime ever inspire you to do something new (ex: pick up a hobby or a sport, go to a convention, learn about a certain time period)?

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    Anime inspired me to watch more anime. If that counts.

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    Even if I only watched snippets, cooking anime makes me hungry and cook up some good food

    In addition, I have read Assassination Classroom on TV Tropes, and I can say that the teacher is now my role model as a future teacher, he's so cool and the best!

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    Any sports anime gets me interested in a sport I haven't tried yet, like ice skating. Ever since I've watched Yuri on Ice I now want to ice skate so bad.

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    I tried to learn chess after watching Code Geass a few years ago.

    I can now confirm that I'm very bad at chess.

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    Okay listen I'm not a card type person. The reason why I got into Cardfight Vanguard was because I found another blonde male with blue eyes and I thought he was super cute. I started watching episodes dedicated to him but only to realize "Ah FUCK I'M STARTING TO LIKE THIS NOW OH NOO!" So I started on Crisis which was I think in the middle of season 6 and I made my way up to the newest season watching every single episode. The problem is... I was starting to want to get into it too! I really wanted to start playing Cardfight Vanguard. So here I am sitting here like "Why self why are you getting into this? You were never into card games. All you did was collect Pokemon cards and nothing more heck your not a tournament person either even though you kick ass sometimes. Why are you getting into this now? OH NO WHY AM I BUYING VANGUARD CARDS AND LOOKING UP MY CLAN? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!"

    Guys Cardfight Vanguard uses mind control o.o LOOK WHAT IT HAS DONE TO ME! SOMEONE SAVE ME!

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