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Thread: Series Rules

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    Series Rules

    Hi everyone and welcome to our soul - the anime section! This is your place to discuss specific series, whereas Otaku Discussions is your place to discuss anime trends and thoughts more generally. We have a few brief rules to help you navigate and enjoy this section:

    1. Only one thread per anime series, please! This includes all the current seasons and all the latest episodes related to that single series. New threads can be made for remakes of series as well as for completely new productions; please label such distinctions in your thread title (ex: Hunter x Hunter 1999 vs. Hunter x Hunter 11, DBZ vs. Super)!

    2. Each thread is a complete spoiler zone. Feel free to discuss everything and anything related to that anime once inside that series's thread; of course, if there's a big secret that you feel compelled to warn others about via the spoiler tag, feel free to make use of that if you so choose!

    3. Please sort each series thread into its most fitting category. Staff may potentially move threads if we find them to fit better in other categories; however, this is all for the purpose of helping other users find the series they really love! A further breakdown or guideline of each category (non-exhaustive; we'd love to add to this!) can be found below:


    • Shounen & Shoujo
    • Sports
    • the Big Three

    Slice of Life
    • Comedy
    • Romance
    • Drama

    • Magical Games
    • Time traveling
    • Quest Adventures

    • Mecha & Machines
    • Dystopia
    • Shifters

    • Assasination & Murder
    • Gore & Disembodiment
    • War & Destruction

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